emily in love - let´s pretend we´re in love

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a few words by osenboz:

let's pretend we're in love...

no, i don't need to pretend... i definitely am in love with
the new record of "emily in love"!
emily (one half of the electropop duo "bisexual cyborg",
and the head of "emily in love") and her partners pia and ricardo
brought us some new very nice electronic-indie-pop tracks!

the cooking recipe is easy....

put the voices of pia and ricardo, some smooth beats,
guitar melodies, and a sweet xylophone together and
give it to emily to rework and polish it.
(and of course don't forget to put enough love inside...)

but take care!
'cause when everything is finished, you'll get an
amazingly delicious ep!

enjoy your meal!

my favourite bites are:

02 - jellybean
05 - here with you

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pre-listen song: here with you 4:52

1 comment:

  1. hi osenboz

    I've just seen your post about the new Emily In Love EP and thought I'd stop by and say "hi" to you - it's always good to 'meet' another EIL fan!

    I don't know if you've heard, but Emily In Love has recently started a blog - the link is


    As well as being a place for Emmy to hang out and write about the music she likes, there's an interview with her about the new EP - here's the link:


    Also (for a short time only!) Emmy has made available a special free download of an extra EIL song which didn't make it on to the new EP. It's a cover version of the song "Foundations" by Kate Nash and there's a link to the MP3 at the end of the interview.

    And you might also like to see the video that one of the friends of Emily In Love made for the song "Sow The Seeds" - here's the link for that!


    Penny x