jambassa - macchine parlanti

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a few words by osenboz:

for all those who missed the dub-releases in the last weeks...
the waiting time is over!

jambassa, the dub project of "Carmine Minichiello" and
"Raffaele Gargiulo" (co-founders of aquietbump-netlabel)
produced a fine lyrics-based 7-track ep!
each track features another vocalist, some of them english,
some italian.
the beats & melodies are created digitally, but it seems
that they love to play with their equipment, and so they
created really sophisticated and interesting beats.

because of this variety, the ep is not as monotone, as most other
dub-releases are. however, it still creates a chilled atmosphere
which animates you to move your head slowly to the music.

"macchine parlanti ep" was released on monday (23.11.2009)
and i think that each dub-loving listener out there loves at
least one track of this ep ...so get it as long as it is fresh!

my favourites are:

02 - like silence (ft. candy)
07 - combo combo thing (ft. reddog and boom buzz)

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pre-listen song: like silence 3:39

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