sigmoid argonaut - ep

if you want to download the whole release, click on the cover

a few words by osenboz:

i haven't got alot of time, so i'll keep this quite short...

to sustain the musical variety on this blog,
i'll continue with a bit of "guitar music"

more precisely, with "sigmoid argonaut", the band
of the 5 americans: Jonny Cole, Scotti Wilson,
Danny Mullen, Tony Alecci and Ricky Wilson

i would categorize their music as a mixture of
melodic post rock mixed with some
synthie- and keyboard effects.

unfortunately the ep contains just 4 tracks, but
the band is quite new on the "market"
and this seems to be their first studio-recording,
so there's hope for more!


>>> album details>>> tracklist>>> useful links

pre-listen song: tentacle trap 7:51


  1. How can you download the ep? Direct link to the zip or something like that? Thx!

  2. hello!

    just simply click on the cover!
    (in this case you'll be forwarded to mediafire... a free-hosting service.
    on most other releases, there's a direct-link to .zip or .rar files)

    greets, raphael

  3. Oh got the link :) thx for your reply :) Judging from the preview song, they sound amazing :)

    Peace and keep sharing good music,