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with this blog i want to support all the artists & bands who offer their music under creative common license. this means, that the music is FREE and LEGAL to download and share !

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new blog!

hey everybody!

because of time-troubles i decided to stop blogging,
but once you started blogging, you can't stop that easy...
so now, i started a new, (less time-eating) project!

it's about audio-visual masterpieces (not just cc-licenced music)
you can have a look at it here:

would be nice if you have a look there and write comments ect.. :)

if lemonjohn comes back to live is still not sure...
the only thing i know is that i'll probably have to finish
university first ;) and this will be at least 3 years from now...

greets, and thanks for following!


a little life sign

ok, firts of all,
hello everybody!

it's really very very nice to see that there are still some people
out there who are looking forward to some new recommondations
at this blog.

and yeah, i'm also looking forward to...

i'm all the time thinking of how i can combine university, free-time
and this blog... but as you might know, it's not that easy :(

i hope i'll find a nice sollution as soon as possible...
the blog's not dead yet, that's for sure!

it's just frozen for a while :)
if anybody has a good idea how to decrease the administration-time
for managing this blog, feel free to contact me! i'd be very happy

so, i hope you're all doing well, and i'll come back
(hopefully soon) with a new, time-saving blog-concept :)

best wishes,


due to a hardware crash on my laptop
the waiting time will be a short while longer...



on the road again!!!

hello my dear readers, i'm back!!!

i have to reupload some fiels to fix the
problems with the small pre-listen players, and i'll
probably do some changes in the design...

so, be ready for some new great releases soon!!!

(already fixed this nice player )

p.s.: any ideas for the blog are welcome!
just post it as comment, and i'll see what i can do...


hello everybody...
i just want to give a short sign of life to ensure that this blog will be back as soon as possible!
unfortunately i have to tell you that you probably need to wait until the end of september... but then there'll be a free-music-avalanche :-)

i hope you'll continue following my blog....
meanwhile, i wish you all a great summer!