new random music player!

i'm always happy when i get some tipps for the blog.
today a friend of mine said that a random-music-player
would be fine... and here it is!

it'll appear on top of the start-page.
i hope you like it as much as i do :)

(by clicking on the icon beside the volume-control you'll be forwarded
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if you got any further advices how to improve this blog
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crepusculum - sing on in silhouettes

if you want to download the whole release, click on the cover

a few words by osenboz:

the name sounds like a magic word to me.
and the music of Fred Baty, the man behind crepusculum
fulfills the diversified prospects that this name arouse.
the mysterious beauty of the soundscape created by guitars
and pianos seduce you to lay down and listen.

as you might not expect, "sing on in silhouettes" is a
nearly entire instrumental release. just for the song
"abasculus perceptive" he got assistance by
"Genevieve Schwartz" and "Julia Kotowski" (better known
as "entertainment for the braindead")
all other tracks enthuse just with the strength
of Fred Baty's compositions.

there's also a nice remix album of crepusculum's
first release "sky diaries" on the really beautiful
designed electronic-ambient netlabel "zymogen"

have a look at it here:
zym015 - sky diary edits

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pre-listen song: a fledgling firework 4:47


music-player updated

i got some problems with the popup-flashplayer,
but now finally it's solved and up-to-date again !!!

so don't forget to have a look at it!
(there's one pre-listen-song from each blog-release
ready for your listening pleasure)


sick-e - genotype jazz

if you want to download the whole release, click on the cover

a few words by osenboz:

christmas has gone, all relatives have been visited,
now it's time for some new music!

under the pseudonym "zengineers", phour trakk and sick-e
yielded some of the most delicious fruits in the free drum´n´bass
music garden.

now sick-e decided to plant his own trees, and once agin,
the fruits grew well.
on "genotype jazz" he went away from the streight,
repeditive and pure electronic drum'n'bass beats, and
focused more on diversified trip hop sounds, mixed with
some funk and jazz samples.

one of my favourite tracks "insanity waits" is a collaboration
with his former partner phour trakk, and shows how well
they interact.
...so probably there's hope for new trailblazing
zengineers releases also!

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pre-listen song: feels so good 4:41


radio fritz-interview!

hello everybody!

december wasn't one of the most busy months in here...
but, there are still some releases on the waiting list,
so stay tuned for more great music soon!

for all those of you who speak german, there'll be a little
interview and a 30-minutes mixtape compiled by me on the
netmusic-special on "radio fritz" this saturday (26.12.2009)!

you can listen to it here:
(it is recorded, so you can also listen to it later...)

...hopefully i didn't talk too much nonsense... but probably i did...
so don't mind what i said, and let's focus on the music :)

it will be a 2-hours netmusic-only program, so it is also interesting
for non-german-speakers...

edit: it's online!
have a listen to it here: trackback - 26.12.2009


damu the fudgemunk - travel at your own pace

if you want to download the whole release, click on the cover

a few words by osenboz:

my time is very limited currently...
so there'll be no big words about this release...
i just thought that i need to give you a release
to help you surving the pre-christmas terror...

and well... theres nothing better than a few new
free jazzy hip hop tracks by damu the fudgemunk!

you can buy the full release (23-tracks) here: redefinition-records

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pre-listen song: this is an introduction 2:51


robin grey - strangers with shoes

if you want to download the whole release, click on the cover

a few words by osenboz:

this time i'm very happy to present you one of my
highest awaited releases...
robin grey's second box of folk-music-pleasure is finally
available on jamendo & bandcamp.

once again robin grey produced a well balanced, thoughtful release.

if you have a look at the contributors, you'll see how much
love and work was put into this record:
there's amazing female singing assistance by madelaine hart,
beth dariti, victoria couper, and brilliant instrumental backing
by iain macleod, ben oliver, joe allen, barbara bartz,
tom pie and poppy villiers.
additionally there are the expected great lyrics,
and all this is merged together to a release which got the power
to drown all the terrible-unvaried-christmas-songs out without
needing to turn the volume as loud as possilbe...

..and of course this cd will surely not be put into locked boxes after
christmas. (but all the terrible christmas-songs hopefully will...)

i don't know why this release is currently not listed
on his homepage, or on modifythevan-records, but probably
it can be found there in a few days/weeks...

...for those who want to have a look at the lyrics,
go to the bandcamp-page!

...and according to the pre-listen song:
be sure not to miss Barbara Bartz and Ben Oliver with their violin and
piano in the end!

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pre-listen song: montreal 4:38


ottilie - histories d'o

if you want to download the whole release, click on the cover

a few words by osenboz:

here's another release which i should have added
a long time ago....
it's been on my computer since monts... but as so many others,
it got lost in my labyrinth of cd's, documents, folders...

but, as a nice saying tells: "you meet everybody twice in life"
and fortunately it seems to be similar with music :)

ok, now i'll stop writing about my chaos, and continue with music:
this time i'm happy to be able to present you a new genre which
wasn't featured on the blog before... chanson!

the french duo of "Jean-Philippe Barrios" and "Ottilie B." offered
us their release "histoires d'o" on "acoustic-firework records"
a few months ago.
the intense voice of ottilie is funny and serious at the same time,
and seems to be strong without losing its fragility.
in combination with the instrumental assistance by jean-philippe
the music tells a story without words.

as i wrote about the release by "sync filmico",
it's always hard for bands to enthuse me if i don't understand their
singing, because normally i set a very high value on the lyrics.
but, there are some bands who manage to just simply make me
believe that they sing about things that would enthuse me...
and sometimes it's also interesting to listen to a language which
i don't understand, because then i can interpret my own feelings
into the songs.
but for this, the music (and in this case also the voice of ottilie)
itself needs to deliver enough emotions to make this possible.

...and yes, ottilie is definitely one of those bands!


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pre-listen song: crayons quelque chose 3:54


zoe.leela - queendom come

if you want to download the whole release, click on the cover

a few words by osenboz:

listening to the german radio-show "trackback"
on the radiostation "fritz" always offers a lot of useful
information about the internet, and additionally provides
a great selection of new creative common licensed music!
... and last monday they remembered me to a release
which i was really looking forward to:

"queendom come" by rec72's massive new artist "zoe.leela".
with this release she definitely lifts up the german
electronic netaudio-scene into new levels!
her great voice co-operates perfectly with the
diversified beats and melodies which are both capable
for partys on weekends, and lazy tuesday nights at home...

my favourites are:
01 - gold
02 - bridges
05 - destroy she says

...and for those who got the chance to be in berlin
on 13. december....
visit the record-release party at "Cafe Zapata"!!

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pre-listen song: destroy she says 3:38