ottilie - histories d'o

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a few words by osenboz:

here's another release which i should have added
a long time ago....
it's been on my computer since monts... but as so many others,
it got lost in my labyrinth of cd's, documents, folders...

but, as a nice saying tells: "you meet everybody twice in life"
and fortunately it seems to be similar with music :)

ok, now i'll stop writing about my chaos, and continue with music:
this time i'm happy to be able to present you a new genre which
wasn't featured on the blog before... chanson!

the french duo of "Jean-Philippe Barrios" and "Ottilie B." offered
us their release "histoires d'o" on "acoustic-firework records"
a few months ago.
the intense voice of ottilie is funny and serious at the same time,
and seems to be strong without losing its fragility.
in combination with the instrumental assistance by jean-philippe
the music tells a story without words.

as i wrote about the release by "sync filmico",
it's always hard for bands to enthuse me if i don't understand their
singing, because normally i set a very high value on the lyrics.
but, there are some bands who manage to just simply make me
believe that they sing about things that would enthuse me...
and sometimes it's also interesting to listen to a language which
i don't understand, because then i can interpret my own feelings
into the songs.
but for this, the music (and in this case also the voice of ottilie)
itself needs to deliver enough emotions to make this possible.

...and yes, ottilie is definitely one of those bands!


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pre-listen song: crayons quelque chose 3:54

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