radio fritz-interview!

hello everybody!

december wasn't one of the most busy months in here...
but, there are still some releases on the waiting list,
so stay tuned for more great music soon!

for all those of you who speak german, there'll be a little
interview and a 30-minutes mixtape compiled by me on the
netmusic-special on "radio fritz" this saturday (26.12.2009)!

you can listen to it here:
(it is recorded, so you can also listen to it later...)

...hopefully i didn't talk too much nonsense... but probably i did...
so don't mind what i said, and let's focus on the music :)

it will be a 2-hours netmusic-only program, so it is also interesting
for non-german-speakers...

edit: it's online!
have a listen to it here: trackback - 26.12.2009

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