zoe.leela - queendom come

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a few words by osenboz:

listening to the german radio-show "trackback"
on the radiostation "fritz" always offers a lot of useful
information about the internet, and additionally provides
a great selection of new creative common licensed music!
... and last monday they remembered me to a release
which i was really looking forward to:

"queendom come" by rec72's massive new artist "zoe.leela".
with this release she definitely lifts up the german
electronic netaudio-scene into new levels!
her great voice co-operates perfectly with the
diversified beats and melodies which are both capable
for partys on weekends, and lazy tuesday nights at home...

my favourites are:
01 - gold
02 - bridges
05 - destroy she says

...and for those who got the chance to be in berlin
on 13. december....
visit the record-release party at "Cafe Zapata"!!

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pre-listen song: destroy she says 3:38

1 comment:

  1. Oh this a GREAT album! From a great label! Really likes Rec72
    Cheers from Sweden
    Johan Lundin