robin grey - strangers with shoes

if you want to download the whole release, click on the cover

a few words by osenboz:

this time i'm very happy to present you one of my
highest awaited releases...
robin grey's second box of folk-music-pleasure is finally
available on jamendo & bandcamp.

once again robin grey produced a well balanced, thoughtful release.

if you have a look at the contributors, you'll see how much
love and work was put into this record:
there's amazing female singing assistance by madelaine hart,
beth dariti, victoria couper, and brilliant instrumental backing
by iain macleod, ben oliver, joe allen, barbara bartz,
tom pie and poppy villiers.
additionally there are the expected great lyrics,
and all this is merged together to a release which got the power
to drown all the terrible-unvaried-christmas-songs out without
needing to turn the volume as loud as possilbe...

..and of course this cd will surely not be put into locked boxes after
christmas. (but all the terrible christmas-songs hopefully will...)

i don't know why this release is currently not listed
on his homepage, or on modifythevan-records, but probably
it can be found there in a few days/weeks...

...for those who want to have a look at the lyrics,
go to the bandcamp-page!

...and according to the pre-listen song:
be sure not to miss Barbara Bartz and Ben Oliver with their violin and
piano in the end!

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pre-listen song: montreal 4:38


  1. First of all I have a smile after reading your blog's title. its really interesting, I like it once again robin grey produced a well balanced, thoughtful release. Thanks for sharing.