a little life sign

ok, firts of all,
hello everybody!

it's really very very nice to see that there are still some people
out there who are looking forward to some new recommondations
at this blog.

and yeah, i'm also looking forward to...

i'm all the time thinking of how i can combine university, free-time
and this blog... but as you might know, it's not that easy :(

i hope i'll find a nice sollution as soon as possible...
the blog's not dead yet, that's for sure!

it's just frozen for a while :)
if anybody has a good idea how to decrease the administration-time
for managing this blog, feel free to contact me! i'd be very happy

so, i hope you're all doing well, and i'll come back
(hopefully soon) with a new, time-saving blog-concept :)

best wishes,

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