bartlomiej wolyniec - our scares (single)

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a few words by osenboz:

bartêomiej woêyniec loves to do experiments.
with his hew singe "our scares" he tries once again
to move the boarders of indie-music.

don't just listen to it in the background...
you'll probably not like it!
those tracks needs to be listened carefully and in the right mood.
songs like this don't come up every day,
but when it's the time for it, it'll blow your mind.

"our scares" is the single for his upcomming full lenght release,
which will be available in foressable future.
there's no release date fixed yet,
and it'll probably be just commertially available
(not under creative common-license)

[more details will appear here when it is released...]

previous releases: bartłomiej wołyniec - hypochondriac queen

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pre-listen song: our scares 3:30

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