printempo - printempo

if you want to download the whole release, click on the cover

a few words by osenboz:

this time i got something really special for you...

actually i wanted to go to bed a few hours ago....
but then i saw the cover of this release, and i tought
that it might be worth the time...

and damm it, i was right!
it was worth each single second of staying awake!

...i'm quite proud to present you the
debut-release from the polish band printempo!

a 11-track release brimfully filled with innovative nujazz
mixed with some hip hop and trip hop elements.

the tracks are quite relaxing, but there's also a part in it
which seems to force you to listen closly and let the music
crawl into your mind.

unfortunately the whole introduction-text is in polish,
so i can't give you some detailed information...

but yeah... music says more than words

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pre-listen song: hand in the cloud (part 2) 3:13


  1. that cover is badass...music is also very nice. great choice!

  2. Superb music, I can speak a bit polish, so I can translate the text.. (but I dont own the original cd).