koak - in the sun

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a few words by osenboz:

long time ago i downloaded this release, and i was always
sure to add it to the blog...
but then it somehow it got lost in my intransparent chaos...
fortunately yesterday ian wilson (the man behind koak) sent
me his release to check it out... and now finally here it is!

ian wilson's music style sometimes remembers me to those
scary western soundtracks, for the scenes when
the cowboys are walking slowly through the desert...
(especially the song "highnoon harmonica")

mostly there's just a guitar and some smooth drums,
and sometimes (lawnmower, the last wave...)
there are also quite nice discreet vocals.

all together this release is quite enjoyable for
listening to in the background, because it is not
importunate, but still has it's own style and creates
an comfortable chilled soundscape.

my favourites are:

01 - delinelle
09 - lawnmower
10 - the last wave

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pre-listen song: delinelle 3:12

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