hello my dear readers!
i got good news for me, and bad news for you....
let's start with the good :)
today evening i'll leave austria for a 1-month trip to vietnam!!

ok, and now to the bad :(
this means that the blog will stay inactive till 29. august 2009 !!

but when i'm back, it is 100% sure that the blog will be continued!
so please keep it in mind...meanwhile you can check out hundreds of
previous releases which were featured on the blog bevore...

i also created a forum for you, to bridge the long time of
silence on the blog...
you can post your releases there, and discuss them as well!

here's the link to the forum:   http://lemonjohn.forumotion.com/
spread it around in the world! add your blogs, netlabels,
and all other sites, let others see your pictures, or hear your music,
and talk about the pros and cons of the free culture !
(for sure you can also talk about everything else...)

have a nice summer,
i hope to meet you all again next month...
best wishes, raphael


flow inc - controlled variables

if you want to download the whole release, click on the cover

a few words by the thief:

you know the hip hop in radiostations, you know it on tv screens.
but what you'll hear, when you pull the play button and listen
to flow Inc's EP "controlled variables", that's different,
that's like a new way on your known music maze.
the sound is very innovative, but it reminds also a little
bit of dj krush and dj shadow. 34 minutes round turn trip.
i listened to this album and i felt weightless,
i zoned out with my mind.
the beat is harmonious, the air floating.

musing, deep and abstract, here comes the incredible ep
"controlled variables" from flow inc.
feel the vibes in your vein, let the beat break your time.
the dialogues in his tracks are very good selected and
affirm the profounding sound from flow inc.

michael anthony ross created a fantastic album, with many facets
of our society. listen to this album and enjoy track by track,
chill to the sound and let flow inc into your mind.

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pre-listen song: recession progression (ft. sysno) 2:35

guitoud - i&i

if you want to download the whole release, click on the cover

a few words by osenboz:

driving dub-beats, guitar-riffs and a spheric background soundscape -
guitoud's latest lp "i&i" is a perfect musical-underline
for stress-free hours.

13 tracks of finest dub tunes which don't get boring.
far from it! guitoud even manages to bring some trip hop and
jazz elements into his tracks, which gives them a uniqe touch.

for example i wouldn't categorize the track "you & i" just as dub...
it's more an interaction between dub, trip hop and jazz
while the intro-track "heart & soul" (a collaboration with dubosmium)
is more a streight dub tune.
in contrast to those two tracks, "strong & massive" borders
on dubstep, but still has its jazz-influences.
as different as those tracks are, they all follow a chilled route
which blazes its trail through the whole release.

compared to "i&i", his previous release "analogic time" is a bit
"darker" and its genre is more focused on streight dub.
in "i&i" he risked to experiment a bit more...
...and he did a good job!

if i assign these two releases to the seasons,
"analogic time" is the winter-release,
and "i&i" would be dedicated to the summer.

...so be sure to get it during the summer, put it on your
mp3-player, lie down in the sun and start relaxing.

links to previous releases:

fpr022 - analogic time

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pre-listen song: i&i 4:58


bogatzke - fragments & foundations

if you want to download the whole release, click on the cover

a few words by osenboz:

fragments & foundations is the 3rd release from bogatzke,
a solo-musician from germany.
(all released on digitalkunstrasen... links below)

when i heard the first track of this release, i was not sure
what to think about it. electronic beats, a piano
and a guitar, mixed together in a nice interesting song.

then "the sound of one hand clapping" came, and this one was a bit
too "old-scool-disco-electronic" for me... but, i didn't stop
listening, because even if i didn't like it very much,
it was catchy enough to make me wanna hear more.
"ten years strong" brought this release back to where it came from -
spheric electronic sounds with decent beats and a leading
guitar-melody, all merged together to another great song.

"how to reanimate a ghost", the 4rd song from the ep
finally managed to enthuse me, and to fix the decision
to add this release to the blog.

at last "at the golden waterfalls"
(the reason why this album is tagged as "post-rock")
worthy ends this ep

concluding i want to say, that i think that "bogatzke" got talent.
you can hear the development within his 3 releases,
and i'm really looking forward to what's comming next.

links to previous releases:

dka044 - never ending light ep
dka048 - from years to seconds

>>> album details>>> tracklist>>> useful links

pre-listen song: how to reanimate a ghost 5:03


peterloo massacre - peterloo massacre

if you want to download the whole release, click on the cover

a few words by osenboz:

when you read some reviews about "peterloo massacre"
they are compared to bands like "thom yorke", "portishead",
"massive attack" and many more...

and yes, i need to agree,
they are definitly similar talented musicians,
but i don't want to compare their music...
because each musician creates something unique.

the electronic sound-worlds created by paul green with
his notebook, a keyboard and this cracy "tenori-on" thing,
the baseline of colin fry, and the decent beats from howard jones
are the basis for "kin", the amazing vocalist of "peterloo massacre"
her psychodelic, but also smooth and sensitive singing
catches you after the first few broken words from
the intro-song.

"slow down kid, don't cause an accident"

not more words were needed to make me lay down on the couch,
close my eyes and turn the volume louder.

after 47 minutes the last track gets to an end...
and when the silence came back to my room, i continued
lying on the couch, because i needed a few seconds
to acclimate and to process the high amount of feelings
forwarded through those tracks...

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pre-listen song: never forget 4:38


cyané - my baby blue

if you want to download the whole release, click on the cover

a few words by osenboz:

cyané sings (in spanish or english) about galaxies, baby's, the sea,
castles and lots of other things...
but when she starts singing, languages and words become secondary.
it seems like she's telling the whole storie with her voice.
the surrounding ambiance, mostly created just by a
decent acoustic guitar, a piano and a cello
completes the soundscape perfectly.

all in all this is an amazing release, filled with 13
acoustic-folk-pop tracks, and it gets better and better,
the more you listen to it.

my favourite tracks are:

02 - boom boom
03 - i am
05 - ta siento
09 - paint
10 - at sea

...but be sure to check out the others too!
this was my first "personal review"... so please don't be too cruel.
it should just be a short little piece of my impressions about this
album to help you deciding whether do download it or not.

feel free to discuss it with me/other visitors
in the comments-section!

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pre-listen song: i am 6:09


personal reviews & new contributor !

ladies and gentleman, big things are on the way!

first, i got a new awsome contributor!
she's 22 years old and studies audio engineering in germany.
for more information, you can take a look
at her blogger-profile

if you still want more information, feel free to contact us via email

...and the second thing is, that there'll be a little
concept-change on lemonjohn.blogspot.com!
don't be afraid... lemonjohn is still a blog just for free-music,
but from now on we'll write short personal reviews for each
upcomming release we post!

this will help you to realize what we think about
the featured releases, and of course, we would also
like to hear what you think about the releases!


cavalier rose - primary colors ep

if you want to download, click on the cover

very nice debut ep from the brooklyn based band "cavalier rose"

drums, guitars, bass, and a piano
rounded with the great voice of heather christian...
...be sure to not miss it!

if you want to see a live performance, click the link below:

[youtube] cavalier rose - lie to me (live)

>>> album details>>> tracklist>>> useful links

pre-listen song: lamplight 5:19


menhirs of er grah - live on vombat radio

if you want to download, click on the cover

free acoustic live-session from "menhirs of er grah" !!!

thomas charter, the man behind menhirs of er grah
also works under the pseudonym "march rosetta"
as which he was featured on the blog before… (links below)

[march rosetta - border lines ep]

>>> album details>>> tracklist>>> useful links

pre-listen song: whitening light 4:06

robin grey - younger looking skin (single track)

ok, it's 3 o'clock in the morning on the first day of june,
and there are already 3 new releases on the blog...
so i think it's probably better when i go to bed now...

but, i will not go to bed without a concluding song...
and what's better for this purpose, than the new song from robin grey!
...and if you got enough energy to keep your eyes opened
and not fall asleep... you can check out the video too!
(if you think it's better to go to bed now, you should really look
at the video tomorrow... it's quite funny)

>>> younger looking skin video on youtube

robin grey - younger looking skin

the singer not the song - not i ep

if you want to download, click on the cover

4 short great new indie-folk-pop tracks on trastienda netlabel!
>>> album details>>> tracklist>>> useful links

pre-listen song: the song i sing when i am here 2:09

2 bone giants - the lost art... revamped

if you want to download, click on the cover

this is a really nice trip hop release…
but, the 3rd track "killer's lullaby" reminds me a bit too much
to niteffect's "blissful days" track on the "motes of dust" album….

2 bone giants released "killer's lullaby" first in 2007 (on dwk)
so probably niteffect took the melody from that track....
or they simply got both the same idea...

anyway, all other tracks got their unique style... and they are great!

>>> album details>>> tracklist>>> useful links

pre-listen song: gear down (ft. stealthsonic) 4:40

a series of dark caves - animals ep

if you want to download, click on the cover

good news for you my deer readers! i got holidays!
this means that the next weeks there'll
probably be some more frequent entries…

and i'll start this release-series with
a great indietronic-pop ep from "a series of dark caves"

>>> album details>>> tracklist>>> useful links

pre-listen song: basement of love 3:46