bogatzke - fragments & foundations

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a few words by osenboz:

fragments & foundations is the 3rd release from bogatzke,
a solo-musician from germany.
(all released on digitalkunstrasen... links below)

when i heard the first track of this release, i was not sure
what to think about it. electronic beats, a piano
and a guitar, mixed together in a nice interesting song.

then "the sound of one hand clapping" came, and this one was a bit
too "old-scool-disco-electronic" for me... but, i didn't stop
listening, because even if i didn't like it very much,
it was catchy enough to make me wanna hear more.
"ten years strong" brought this release back to where it came from -
spheric electronic sounds with decent beats and a leading
guitar-melody, all merged together to another great song.

"how to reanimate a ghost", the 4rd song from the ep
finally managed to enthuse me, and to fix the decision
to add this release to the blog.

at last "at the golden waterfalls"
(the reason why this album is tagged as "post-rock")
worthy ends this ep

concluding i want to say, that i think that "bogatzke" got talent.
you can hear the development within his 3 releases,
and i'm really looking forward to what's comming next.

links to previous releases:

dka044 - never ending light ep
dka048 - from years to seconds

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pre-listen song: how to reanimate a ghost 5:03

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