cyané - my baby blue

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a few words by osenboz:

cyané sings (in spanish or english) about galaxies, baby's, the sea,
castles and lots of other things...
but when she starts singing, languages and words become secondary.
it seems like she's telling the whole storie with her voice.
the surrounding ambiance, mostly created just by a
decent acoustic guitar, a piano and a cello
completes the soundscape perfectly.

all in all this is an amazing release, filled with 13
acoustic-folk-pop tracks, and it gets better and better,
the more you listen to it.

my favourite tracks are:

02 - boom boom
03 - i am
05 - ta siento
09 - paint
10 - at sea

...but be sure to check out the others too!
this was my first "personal review"... so please don't be too cruel.
it should just be a short little piece of my impressions about this
album to help you deciding whether do download it or not.

feel free to discuss it with me/other visitors
in the comments-section!

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pre-listen song: i am 6:09


  1. Nice blog and thanks. My fingers are crossed the rest of the album is just as good as the track you posted. She sounds like she's in the same league with Cat Power, Hanne Hukkelberg, and Alela Diane.