guitoud - i&i

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a few words by osenboz:

driving dub-beats, guitar-riffs and a spheric background soundscape -
guitoud's latest lp "i&i" is a perfect musical-underline
for stress-free hours.

13 tracks of finest dub tunes which don't get boring.
far from it! guitoud even manages to bring some trip hop and
jazz elements into his tracks, which gives them a uniqe touch.

for example i wouldn't categorize the track "you & i" just as dub...
it's more an interaction between dub, trip hop and jazz
while the intro-track "heart & soul" (a collaboration with dubosmium)
is more a streight dub tune.
in contrast to those two tracks, "strong & massive" borders
on dubstep, but still has its jazz-influences.
as different as those tracks are, they all follow a chilled route
which blazes its trail through the whole release.

compared to "i&i", his previous release "analogic time" is a bit
"darker" and its genre is more focused on streight dub.
in "i&i" he risked to experiment a bit more...
...and he did a good job!

if i assign these two releases to the seasons,
"analogic time" is the winter-release,
and "i&i" would be dedicated to the summer.

...so be sure to get it during the summer, put it on your
mp3-player, lie down in the sun and start relaxing.

links to previous releases:

fpr022 - analogic time

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pre-listen song: i&i 4:58

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