flow inc - controlled variables

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a few words by the thief:

you know the hip hop in radiostations, you know it on tv screens.
but what you'll hear, when you pull the play button and listen
to flow Inc's EP "controlled variables", that's different,
that's like a new way on your known music maze.
the sound is very innovative, but it reminds also a little
bit of dj krush and dj shadow. 34 minutes round turn trip.
i listened to this album and i felt weightless,
i zoned out with my mind.
the beat is harmonious, the air floating.

musing, deep and abstract, here comes the incredible ep
"controlled variables" from flow inc.
feel the vibes in your vein, let the beat break your time.
the dialogues in his tracks are very good selected and
affirm the profounding sound from flow inc.

michael anthony ross created a fantastic album, with many facets
of our society. listen to this album and enjoy track by track,
chill to the sound and let flow inc into your mind.

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pre-listen song: recession progression (ft. sysno) 2:35

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