peterloo massacre - peterloo massacre

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a few words by osenboz:

when you read some reviews about "peterloo massacre"
they are compared to bands like "thom yorke", "portishead",
"massive attack" and many more...

and yes, i need to agree,
they are definitly similar talented musicians,
but i don't want to compare their music...
because each musician creates something unique.

the electronic sound-worlds created by paul green with
his notebook, a keyboard and this cracy "tenori-on" thing,
the baseline of colin fry, and the decent beats from howard jones
are the basis for "kin", the amazing vocalist of "peterloo massacre"
her psychodelic, but also smooth and sensitive singing
catches you after the first few broken words from
the intro-song.

"slow down kid, don't cause an accident"

not more words were needed to make me lay down on the couch,
close my eyes and turn the volume louder.

after 47 minutes the last track gets to an end...
and when the silence came back to my room, i continued
lying on the couch, because i needed a few seconds
to acclimate and to process the high amount of feelings
forwarded through those tracks...

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pre-listen song: never forget 4:38


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