christophe marc - pressure

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a few words by the thief:

vocalist and songwriter christophe marc, known as lead singer of galago, shows us now again new impressions on his new realease
"pressure". the creative, playful folk/indie tracks stand for themselves and imitate nothing and no one.
christophe marcs voice melodious flows into all facets and
let's you tap with the foot as also lean back relaxed.

you can just enjoy this album! it procures every felt emotion
very convincingly and in a great deployment musical creativity.
the arrangement is really very successful and every single
instrument fits perfectly on the movement of the songs.
„pressure“ is fun, „pressure“ gives energy.

the solo project of christophe marc can exhibit itself.every track
is individually produced and tells its own story. at some releases
i heard lately, i often thought it was one and the same track i was
listening to. christophe marc gives me new hope. Surprise!

my personal favorite songs of the album are „pressure“, „in the face“
and the instrumental „body barner“. in the latter case i needed to
force my repeat button to break the storied way of the album.
awesome rhythm, awesome arrangement and amazing
song structures – what else to say but: necessarily check out!

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pre-listen song: born to be mine 3:29

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