klitbeats - a thing or two

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a few words by osenboz:

there are only 10 releases on budabeats yet...
but there's a reason why they don't have so much cd's
they only add absolutely high-quality releases!

...same on their latest release "klitbeats - a thing or two"

this time they brought to us the new 7-track cd from
"robert von klitzing"
the frankfurt based dj/producer took instrumental hip hop, funk,
downtempo, a bit of jazz and some lounge-music and fused them
together to a great release.

each time a new track starts, its a bit different to the one
before, but all tracks work together perfectly and provide a
relaxed and diversified chill-out soundscape.

unfortunately the release takes just 27 minutes, but there are
still 9 other releases on budabeats which wait to be heard...

my favourite tracks are:

02 - a thing or two
07 - gemeinsam

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pre-listen song: a thing or two 4:16

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