the black atlantic - reverence for fallen trees

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a few words by osenboz:

it was nearly 1 o'clock in the morning when i came home. i wasn't
very tired because i had to drive a long time, and so i decided
to have a look for some new releases.
i checked a few netlabels, but i hadn't very much success.
...then i came to "beep! beep! back up the track"
a label which is always good for surprising releases
("we vs. death" and "het gloren" were featured on the blog before)

...and yes, they did it again!
in collaboration with the international recording project,
"in a cabin with"the band "the black atlantic" and a bunch of additional
musicians recorded the beatuiful "reverence for fallen trees" album.
"geert van der velde" (ex-frontman of the melodic metalcore
band "Shai Hulud"), "kim janssen", "Megan Hofmann" and
"Stef Thoen" the 4 members of "the black atlantic" created 10
acoustic-indie-pop-folk tracks with such a fragile beauty,
that you fear of destroying it when you open up your eyes again.
in the introduction-text they wrote that the album was recorded
somewhere round the "saranac lake", in a place they described as
"...a retreat, a place to hide out and dissapear."
and that's exactly what i imagined while sitting on the chair
in the night, with my eyes closed and listening to their songs.

i stayed up till 3:30 o'clock, listening to the album again
and again, and writing these few lines to be able to share
it with you as soon as possible. enjoy listening!
... and good night

oh, and if you like it, you can also:
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buy a vinyl for 12€

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pre-listen song: fragile meadow 3:31


  1. Damn! I've checked Beep!Beep! very often since Hiatus came out but now You were faster with these release. Great album.

  2. Awesome album. Thanks a lot.

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