suhov pres.: jószomszéd - az ajtó (instrumental)

if you want to download the whole release, click on the cover

a few words by osenboz:

the fist thing i did after unpacking my backpack was,
to check out the email from "suhov".

there wasn't alot of information in it.
just the name of the band (Jószomszéd), a short introduction,
and a list of the members and what they're doing:

saxophone,clarinet: giga
guitar: kosta velcsev dejanov
violin: zuzu
scratch: dj globe
producer,mixed and mastered by: suhov

after reading this, i thought that this could be one of those releases
which i am searching for all the time. something to relax, to sit
around with some friends - talking, joking, discussing and listening to
some smooth, discreet beats in the background.

when the first track had finished, i knew that i was right.

this release is filled with 13 tracks of absolutely finest
instrumental jazzy instrumental hip hop-tunes.
it manages to kick away all the stress of life within a few seconds,
but it still animates you to smoothly shake your head to the beats.

my favourites are:
01 - az ajtó
03 - nyitott tenyéren
05 - csak a napra
08 - úton útfélen
12 - csak az olvassa

...but i didn't manage to listen to just those tracks so far...
whenever i started listening to jószomszéd it ended up with
listening to the whole album.

>>> album details>>> tracklist>>> useful links

pre-listen song: az ajtó 3:38

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