sync filmico - el mar

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a few words by osenboz:

it's always a bit harder for a indie-rock band to
enthuse it's listeners if they don't understand their lyrics.
"sync filmico" is one of those bands for me...
but, they managed this challenge amazingly perfect!

if you don't understand them, the enjoyable voice of
"santiago candegabe", the vocalist of "sync filmico" acts like
an instrument. combined with the music from "Matias Villamil",
"Nicolas Said", "Luciano Gomez" and "Juan Serruya" you get a great
background-soundscape for your own emotions.

for example if you take the track "confusion".
the title is understandable. it's like a thought-provoking impulse,
but because of not-understanding the rest of the lyrics, you need to
"write" your own story according to the title.

you can easily interpret your own feelings, your own thoughts into
the song. "santiago cadegabes" voice doesn't capture your mind.
while listening to the track you don't get interrupted in thinking.
your mind stays free, but the song don't act like inconspicuous
background musik, it interacts with your thinking and accompany
with it, helping you to lead your thoughts into positivity.

this release showed me once again that music got no borders.
in this case you'll probably get some different impressions if
you understand spanish, but not understanding the language doesn't
keep you away from being impressed.

enjoy !

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pre-listen song: confusion 5:08

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