emilie lund - emilie lund ep

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a few words by osenboz:

it's always the same...
i think of going to bed, and then i say to myself:
"let's check one more netlabel and then go to bed"

i clicked on one of my favourite netlabels "aaahh-records",
and i didn't really expect to see a new release there, because the
last one was released nearly 4 month ago...
(have a look at it here: aaahh006 - the wind whistles)

but fortunately i was wrong!!!
...and as expected, the long waiting time was worth every second.
the swedish singer/songwriter (and theatre-student) emille lund shows
once again that the swedes are simply born to make acoustic-indie-pop.

emilie just needs an acoustic guitar and her voice to enthuse
me immediately after the first few seconds of the release.

the whole cd is kept very minimalistic. the focus is on her
vocals... supported with a piano and an acoustic guitar.
5 slow and emotional songs which seem to capture and transform all
the impressions from her living conditions and her experiences
in life into music.

to define my favourite songs is quite hard...
on one hand because there are just 5 songs on the ep, and on the
other hand because all of them are great!

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pre-listen song: sad blue mountain 3:53

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