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a few words by osenboz:

i wish you all a good new year!
and well, it seems to become a really great year for netmusic!

my kick-off comes from aaahh records and her newest
members "uniform motion".

the self-tagged "illustrated indie folk" band follow
a quite interesting concept:

while Andrew Richards, Trevor O´Neil and a bunch of
guest-musicians create the amazing soundscape, the graphic
designer Renaud Forestie sits in front of his laptop and
reinterprets the lyrics of each song in a little comic-book.
and last but not least all this is captured and put into a video.
in which you can watch the recording-sessions.
in the end, Marc Dubézy, owner of cdm-studio and his
assistant engineer Damien Dumont help them to get the
best out of their music.

don't forget to thumb through the lyrics-books while listening
to their music... it's nice to follow the words and getting
some visual impressions in the same time.
you can find it >>> here

...and here are some examples:
(click on the images to be forwarded to the song-pages)


>>> album details>>> tracklist>>> useful links

pre-listen song: earthly diamond 4:31

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  1. Okay i will never forget this but now i am looking forward for some more information.