andrew conklin - if i were more like you

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a few words by osenboz:

yesterday i had the time to crawl through the bandcamp-jungle...
and i found some really nice releases!

one of them is "if i were more like you" by "andrew conklin"
it is filled with 10 delicious, unintrusive indie-pop tracks
created with guitar, piano, keyboards, percussion, bass, drums,
sax, trombone and the voice of andew conklin.

a perfect cd for those lazy saturdays ...like mine today
where you just want to lie around and let the music
create a warm and comfy feeling.

my favourites are:

01 - woke up
02 - jaguar
06 - kind/alike

...and for all those of you that live near california:
don't forget to have a look at his concert-dates!
(on his myspace-page...)

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pre-listen song: woke up 3:46