the tourist - the answer, of course, is of course

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a few words by osenboz:

today i got the pleasure of some ...let's call it "total free time"
there was nothing that needed to be done immediately,
nobody was around, and the weather was very ugly...
so that i also got no will to leave the building.

i layed down on my couch, and put in the release by
"Hunter MacDermut" a.k.a. "The Tourist"

...and it appeared to be the perfect soundtrack for such hours!
somehow the music seems to interact with the
surrounding silence, takes away all the depressing aspects,
and just leaves a bunch of fragile beauty.

my favourites are:

04 - Ladies & Gentleman
07 - Skinny, Honey
09 - halelujah is my name
11 – be cool

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pre-listen song: hallelujah is my name 4:36

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