kenedy - ep 2010

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a few words by osenboz:

ok, now here's my second souvenir from my bandcamp-safari.
and it's once again an indie-pop release!
i don't know why there are that much great releases
in this genre currenty... but i don't object...

unfortunately all infos on kenedys myspace-page are
in spanish... so i can't give you any single details.

the only thing i know for sure is that this is his
debut release.

when i first listened to this release, i indeed liked
his songs, but they didn't enthuse me totally.
but then the last track "see the moon" came...
and it really made my day.
i can't exactly tell you why, i simply can't stop listening
to this song.

and well... the more i listened to the rest of the ep,
the more i likeed all the other tracks too
...and this is in my opinion an excellent attribute of a song

so be sure to listen to this ep at least twice!

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pre-listen song: see the moon 4:21