adam & alma - back to the sea

if you want to download the whole release, click on the cover

a few words by osenboz:

hello my honored readers!

the last weeks i ran a bit out of time, and so the
blog had to go to sleep for a while...
but now finally easter is here, and i've got alot
of great new free music for you!

...and the first amazing piece of music comes from
ellen arkbro and johan graden, the two members of the
stockholm-based electro-pop duo "adam & alma"

on the 5 tracks of their debut-release "back to the sea"
they offer a spheric mixture of piano-melodies and electronic
beats, surrounded by the fairy-like singing of ellen.

when i first listened to this release, i had it running
in the background, and it seemed a bit too smooth and
lovely for me.
but then i listened to it a second time, without spending
my attention on something else... and now i absolutely
enjoyed it!

...so please mind my tip for this release:
give it at least a second listen!

...and if you like the release, don't forget to leave
a comment or at least give some stars!!

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pre-listen song: smile for me, sun 3:53

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