winterphonic - spirals

if you want to download the whole release, click on the cover

a few words by osenboz:

laridae - austrias big hope for sustainment of great
free music supply just published their 53rd release!

winterphonic was founded as a trio in 2004 by
emanuel jauk who is also producing experimental electronic
music under the pseudonym "19hertz"
(you can have a look at his homepage here: 19hertz

after releasing their first cd "stop!" on
"cracked an egg records" the manning changed totally,
and now winterphonic is set up as a collaboration of
emanuel jauk and adina camhy.

inside their new cd "spirals" you'll find 10 very
nice female-vocaled tip hop songs, ranging between
melancholy and dreaminess.

my favourite tracks are:

01 - test/tube/thought
04 - raining
06 - electric
08 - what else

>>> album details>>> tracklist>>> useful links

pre-listen song: test/tube/thought 5:24


  1. Ohh, another blog posts the winterphonic album :) I already downloaded it and now I think I need to post it today too! Thanks, osenboz

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