yamamoto - summer songs for winter people

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a few words by osenboz:

as we all know... good things take time...
and the best example to proove this saying is
"the pony republic" netlabel.

after nearly 8 monts of silence, they showed a
sign of life, and released the new ep by
"mario supereit" and "brenda j" (a.k.a yamamoto)

the two mexican musicians took some beats, bleeps
and their voices to create a very relaxing mixture
between pop and experimental indie-electronic

it's a short ep which lasts just 21 minutes,
but within those minutes time seems to run a
bit slower...

previous releases:
yamamoto - columpio ep [2005]

have a nice listen!
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pre-listen song: since you went away 4:02

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  1. I have gone through many summer songs, but never came across like this. Its really heart touching.