aievea - cinema

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a few words by osenboz:

damn, 6 days without a new release in here...
sorry for that, but i'm a bit pinched for time currently...
but as excuse, i got a nice new release for you!

i sat in front of my computer, pressed the play-button
on aievea's bandcamp-page, and wanted to listen to the
record while doing something else.
but when marta hristea started singing, i immediately
stopped working, and focused on listening to
the 13 pieces of smooth relaxed nujazz on their
second release "cinema"

the album was entirely produced by themselve,
and i need to say, they did a really great job!

you can have a look at the video for "joy of life" below.
for more videos look >>>here

have a nice listen!
...and if you like the release, don't forget to leave
a comment or at least give some stars!!

>>> album details>>> tracklist>>> useful links

pre-listen song: slowly 4:43

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