yoplay - killmymother

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finally a non-chillout release…
indie-rock from spain
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pre-listen song: wiass 3:43


  1. hey!! good post! i love that kind of music, who are them? where's his next show on the UK?

  2. @anonymous...

    if you want me to answer your questions you should leave me an email-adress or something..
    (then i chould also send you some more links to creative common-albums with similar music-genres...)

    they are from spain, and the only information i got for their upcomming shows is from their myspace-page:

    22.Aug.2009 23:00 Pub Taboga + Kephir Pontevedra

    if you want to get more information, you chould leave them a comment on their myspace-page.

    greetings, raphael